Cattail fibers Typha latifolia, mixed with clay, one of the oldest materials on earth, gathered from nearby waters create some beautiful subtle colors.  This piece was cast over local rock.  

Red Moon Risen

Another name for the full moon this past August was the Full Red Moon. Weather and atmospheric conditions during this season can often make the moon look reddish when it rises through a haze. This red is from the hematite rich clay found in this area and the fiber is from cattails.

Meditations I and II

Sketches of the stream are the subject. What is it about water and streams that remind us of the continuance of life, nature and hope.

Sedimental I and II

I use local natural fibers and local natural pigments in a search for where color comes from. This piece is made with cattail and clay. This investigation takes me and the viewer close to the natural sources which are familiar to both. Finding the basic elements of papermaking and pigment seems like a natural evolution and continues the thread of my work which is exploring our relationship to nature.

Ebb and Flow

Walking along the shore, objects catch the eye ending up in pockets. These things that represent what was and what is and now carry new meaning.