Continuance: Winter, Fall, Spring

Seven springs and many seeps feed the stream which flows though our woods. These waters, open all year round, are protected by riparian borders which harbor sedges, grasses, and ferns. Wild creatures depend on this resource for refuge, food, shelter as well as a corridor for travel. The current and temperature is constant, water meanders, erodes channels, waters converge and continue on to empty into the Apple River, to the St. Croix, to the Mississippi, ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico.

UnEarthing Color

This body of work represents an investigation into the magical events of our universal history. An exploration of the origins of color led to a larger look at the amazing processes and systems that have brought us to the present. Beginning from the accretion of minerals to the formation of atmosphere and hydrosphere to the biological results of those events, this study asks questions about our relationship to the natural world. This is a journey from the universal into the intimate.

White Pine

Trees have been important spiritual symbols in many human cultures. Evergreens often symbolize immortality and eternal life because they retain their leaves throughout the winter. To the Iroquois people, the white pine is a symbol of peace that united their separate nations into an enduring League. The white pine is linked to one of the most universal spiritual symbols of the human species.